Sunday, August 2, 2009

Booth girls at Pikom PC Fair 2009 (II) Jul 31- Aug 2 (Part I)

Welcome to Pikom PC Fair 2009 (II) July 31 - August 2, 2009, the biggest and still the best source for information and technology products, cool gadgets, upgrades, accessories, services and more.

The crowd was huge as expected. The many great buys, discounts and cheap bargains at the PC Fair were not the only attraction.

Another great attraction was the beautiful PC girls (or PC babes, booth girls, booth babes as they are called) that attracted scores of photograph enthusiasts with their cameras continuously snapping away extra frames at these lovely ladies standing in front of their booths providing information to potential customers about the product or service and handing out product brochures and visitors willingly take it from these beauties.

View below the gallery of some of the lovely girls with their charming smiles and friendly persona that were in attendance at Pikom PC Fair 2009 (II) 31 July – 2 August 2009.

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Booth girls at Pikom PC Fair 2009 (II) Jul 31- Aug 2 (Part II)

Booth girls at Pikom PC Fair 2009 (II) Jul 31- Aug 2 (Part III)

Pretty girls from Kaspersky: Lai Pei Wen (left) and Ceres Joey.

Kaspersky girl Ceres Joey in her sweet smile.

Sweet pose from Ceres Joey.

Very attractive Lai Pei Wen.

Lenovo booth girl Christine gave her best and sweetest smile.

Lenovo booth girls Christine (left) and Yumi.

Life's good at LG: Booth girls Tracy (left) and Emily.

LG pretty booth girls Ginny (left) and Cassandra.

Acer booth girls Tasha (left) and Elise.

Imagination Lives: The pretty girls from Samsung Vincy (left) and Joanne.

Sweet smiles from Samsung girls Vincy (left) and Joanne.

Olympus pretty girls: Ivy (left) and Jing.

So sweet and adorable.

The beautiful Olympus girls reflects the beauty of their product.

Sony babes (from left) Nicole and Sherlyn

Sony babe Mandy.

Lovely girls from offering Mandarin online games. booth babes Kelly (left) and Carmen.

Beautiful smile from Lumix booth babe Angelina.

Lumix booth babe. She was like the girl from next door.

The PC babes at the Makson Computer Sales & Services booth. (From left) Naomi, Winnie and Jamie.

The babes from Western Digital in afro style. (From left) Pinkky, Kelly, Fiona and Liew Boa

Go, Papago! booth babes Evon (left) and Chien Ni. The rather oddly-named Papago! from Navitech displays 3D ­buildings that helps to easily identify landmarks and confirm your position more quickly compared with just a ­generic building icon with a place name.

Tall, thin and very attractive babe from offering Mandarin commercial business game simulation called Business Tycoon Online.

Leggy beauties from

Really these girls are lovely.


nsp said...

how you know almost all the name one? ask one by one?

Mai Tomyam said...

hi nsp, first u need to make yourself visible and things will come naturally.

Halo said...

for the last picture who r stand on our right hand, do u know her name?